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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapies From Trained Physicians

Femme Clinique offers the most advanced bioIdentical hormone therapies available in Seattle & Bellevue. Using cutting-edge 24 hour urine hormone, blood, and saliva testing in combination with sublingual and topical bioIdentical hormone therapies your future can be much brighter. We are here to help you regain and maintain your vitality and prevent premature aging.

Natural Hormones Replacement Therapy (NHRT) 

The Natural Hormones Replacement Therapy is a comprehensive approach to hormone balancing that is customized to the patient’s needs. Dr. Akiko monitors many hormones in this program and key in the most important hormones in women’s health. These hormones are Progesterone, Oxytocin, Testosterone, Estrogen, and Thyroid.This program assesses over 30 different hormones in the first year of therapy and Dr. Akiko focuses on helping you meet your goals and improving your hormone balance to reduce cancer risks and prevent other health problems.

Longevity Care For Women / Men

Our longevity care is a comprehensive program for women and men wanting to improve the quality of their lives.  Modern science has taken us a long way in terms of our understanding of health.  Using the nutritional therapies, hormone therapies, and lifestyle modification, we can help you improve your health and wellness.  

Our physician at Femme Clinique can help simultaneously balance your hormones and help you determine the most beneficial approach to support your therapy using combination of prescription medications, nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle coaching. We strongly believe in prevention and will help you determine the most effective and safest approach to enhancing your life and delaying the effects of aging.

Sexual Enhancement For Women / Men

We are committed to helping you find the cause of your health problem. If you are experiencing pain during sex and elective dysfunction, we will help you determine the cause and refer you to other specialists as needed. 


Loss of libido or low libido in women and men is usually due to multiple factors. Age is not necessarily always the cause of this in women and men, it is important to have a holistic approach. Loss of sex drive can be due to:

  • your personal habits,

  • your attitude towards life, sex, yourself, and your partner,

  • relationship problems, such as holding resentment,

  • stress and emotional stress,

  • hormone deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, and

  • certain physical problems like infections and skin diseases that cause pain.

Mood Enhancement

Many things decline with age and this often can include your mood. Low mood and mild depression are often symptoms of hormone deficiencies or imbalances. It is pretty rare to see an older person walking down the street with a big smile. Feeling happy comes from within and their is nothing more inner that hormones because they effect your DNA expression. When your body is in balance you will feel more at ease.


Endermologie: Reactivates cellular activity by mechanically stimulating your skin, using a pleasant, non-aggressive technique. Endermologie can be used to treat different areas of your skin using a variety of techniques.

  • 100% natural and FDA approved: Complementary to the composition and harmony of the skin.

  • Perfect balance: Less aggressive than medical esthetic procedures, but more powerful than cosmetic treatments.

  • Immediate results: A radiant complexion and replumped skin from the very first session.

  • Long lasting results: Redensified skin, enhanced circulation, redefined facial oval.

  • Proven effectiveness: More than 110 scientific studies and over 30 years of research.

Body Treatment

Use Lipomassage to eliminate stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting. 

Face Treatment

Our Endermolift treatments are 100% natural anti-aging technique that redensify the skin deep down and erasing the signs of aging.

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